Business owners and operators will be familiar with AUSkey which has been used to date as a secure login that identifies you when you use government online services, for example, lodging your business activity statement (BAS). AUSkey has also allowed you to authorise others, for example your bookkeeper or accountant, to act on behalf of your business.
After 27 March 2020, AUSkey will be replaced with myGovID and RAM (Relationship Authorisation Manager). If you are the principal authority of a business, and you would like others to be able to act on your behalf, you will need to take action to authorise them in RAM.

To Authorise Others to Act on Behalf of Your Business

  1. Set up your myGovID, by downloading the App and following the prompts. You will need to verify your identity using two Australian Identity Documents. Note that myGovID is different to myGov.
  2. Are You a Principal Authority?

You are the principal authority if you are a) a sole trader, b) an eligible individual associate listed on an Australian business number (ABN) in the Australian Business Register (ABR), or c) a primary person who holds one of the following roles:

  • for a company – the director or public officer for the corporate trustee or subsidiary company
  • government entity – the authorised contact
  • Australian charity or not-for-profit organisation – the director or public officer of the corporate trustee or subsidiary company or the Responsible Person
  • deceased estate – the director or public officer of the corporate trustee or subsidiary company
  • unincorporated association – the office holder.

To ensure RAM uses the correct information, check your personal details are up to date on the Australian Business Register.

3. Link a Business in RAM

How you link your business in RAM depends on whether you are a sole trader/eligible individual associate or a primary person.

  • Sole Trader / Eligible Individual Associate: Click here for instructions.
  • Primary Person: There may be more than one primary person able to link an ABN, but only one needs to complete the linking process. Once linked you will then be able to set up authorisation for others in RAM including setting up authorisation administrators who can then set up authorisation for others. Click here for instructions.

There are some resources available to work through the more complex steps of setting up and managing authorisations in RAM.

If you have multiple businesses, or more than one authorisation to set-up, we encourage you to start this process sooner rather than later, so there is time to troubleshoot any issues prior to 27th March. If you have any concerns or questions about this process, please do not hesitate to contact us for support on (02) 9908 9888.