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The joys and hurdles of providing for your family

Families of all types, ages, and sizes have much to consider. Balancing priorities of children, the parents, extended families, work commitments, long term retirement goals and short term living expenses can be challenging, and perhaps stressful. However this is also possibly one of the most fulfilling roles of your life; creating the life that you want for your family.

As a Group, Edney Ryan can bring together the expertise of financial planners, accountants, lawyers and finance brokers to help you identify your financial goals, structure your affairs most efficiently, set up appropriate protection of your accumulating wealth and ensure that one of your biggest financial burdens  – your home loan – is not costing you more than it should.

Does this sound familiar in your house?

  • How long can we afford to live on 1 income rather than 2?
  • Are we maximising our incomes with taxation strategies?
  • Can we afford to have another child?
  • Are we fully accessing all the available government supports like Family Tax Benefit, Child Care Rebates etc?
  • Can we afford a bigger / better house in the next few years?
  • Are we paying more interest on our home loan than we could be?
  • Will private school education be affordable?
  • Who should we appoint as Guardians of the children if something unforeseen happens to us?
  • Should we have life insurance, and if so how much? In super or outside super?
  • Should we consider a testamentary trust in our Will?
  • Should we be putting the assets in one parent’s name rather than both?
  • If we divorce, how will we split the assets?
  • Should we be saving for university costs / home deposits / weddings for our children?
  • Are we putting enough into superannuation to be able to retire ever?
  • How can I ensure the family’s assets pass down to family members and are protected?

Your Next Step

Every family is unique. We suggest an initial phone discussion or meeting with us to understand your situation and advise on how we can help you achieve your goals. Call us on (02) 9908 9888.

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