Edney Ryan Group

Be well connected

Four Professional Disciplines Working Together

At the Edney Ryan Group we provide a boutique, integrated service in the areas of chartered accounting, legal, wealth management and mortgage & finance.

Our goal in offering these services within a single firm is to establish a system in which all financial and investment related affairs can be conducted with maximum expertise and efficiency.

Edney Ryan Group was started in 1990 with Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants, and as the business grew we found our clients asking for a broader and more comprehensive style of business advice. So to meet that need we added Legal, Wealth Management and Mortgage and Finance services to the practice. Whilst our business has grown and the breadth of issues on which we advise increased, we are proud that we have remained true to our original purpose; assisting small to medium businesses and family groups to create, manage and protect their wealth.


 Use One or All

You are welcome to use any of our services within the Edney Ryan Group. If required, we can, and for many clients do, work comfortably and productively with nominated professionals who are outside our own organisation.


Collaboration is Our Strength

Each one of our disciplines in our practice can stand alone to provide high quality counsel. When issues are complex, time sensitive or are part of a bigger picture we demonstrate the true benefit of having all our services under one roof. We can respond quickly, assess the opportunity from various perspectives and provide a recommendation that can only come from having an understanding of the complete situation. No ambiguity, no passing the buck, nothing falls through the cracks.


Your Next Step

Please browse using the menu above to learn about the specific services offered by our specialist divisions and the professionals who drive them. You can also read more about the Edney Ryan Group in this booklet summarising our services and teams.

Or read more about how we can holistically manage the affairs of our clients: Businesses, Professionals & Investors, Families and Retirees.

We are always here to help. Give us a call on (02) 9908 9888 to discuss your needs.