Mortgage & Finance

Edney Ryan Mortgage and Finance was established in 2002.   Our clients had become increasingly frustrated with the demands that banks were making on their assets to secure loans, the lack of service and flexibility they were being offered and the feeling that they were locked-in for life with no real accountability in return.

We provide our clients with financing options based on a super-service model that gives power back to the borrower.  After all, the borrower is paying the bill!

More than Just the Money

Getting you the right loan is only one part of our service.  Flexibility when the unexpected happens, understanding that not everyone has a traditional income profile or making sure that the lender is only taking the minimum amount of security for the loan are other important considerations.

We provide service for the life of the loan; while you may set and forget your mortgage we never do – our regular reviews make sure the conditions of the loan are still favourable.

Independence from the Banks

We operate independently of any bank but have access to the lending products of all.  The loan we recommend will be suited to the financial status and goals of the client and there may not even be a need to change provider.  Many banks will want the deeds to a house for even a small loan – we make sure that the collateral suits the debt.

Existing Loans

Many of our clients have been frustrated by existing loan conditions that they knew were not optimal but didn’t have the time or knowledge to bother changing.  We now look at existing loans as part of the annual portfolio review often achieving significant savings and improved security terms. We do all the work and clients reap the benefits.

Comfort and Convenience

The applications and paperwork associated with applying for loans can be time consuming and laborious. Part of our service includes assistance to complete the application, pointing out the terms and conditions and explaining any jargon.  We sit down with clients so while the process may still be boring, it will no longer be mysterious.

Transparency of Fees

We advocate for our clients with the banks on either a fee-for-service or brokerage basis.  The fee structure is completely transparent and clients are only charged if they use our advice.