Edney Ryan Legal

Legal advice has traditionally been available from either large City-based large firms or smaller suburban practices.  With the former, charges can be prohibitive and the service impersonal, while the latter may not provide quite the right level of expertise for comfort.

Edney Ryan Legal was started in 2000 and combines experience from large firms with the cost controls and service capability of the small.  Like the rest of the Edney Ryan Group, our legal practice enjoys great longevity of its client base for both business and personal matters.

Our Advice, Your Choice

We work in a range of different ways to provide quality legal advice that our clients trust.  If our client already has preferred accountants and financial advisors in place we will work with them.  If the project is a small one-off, we will work directly with our client.  And if the issue at hand needs a broader solution we are able to call on other Edney Ryan disciplines as required to provide an integrated solution. In this case it is our responsibility to make sure relevant parties are up to date with all aspects of the matter, critical timings are met and the issue is dealt with in the most cost effective manner.  We have seen many instances where this comprehensive approach has saved not only money, but also averted major issues.