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You don’t need to be an expert accountant, lawyer, strategic planner, marketer and HR manager before you can start a business. If you have a particular expertise and a plan the Edney Ryan Group with our broad expertise  in accounting, legal, wealth management and finance, can assist you in the early days.

We have worked on many company start-ups, in varied industries.

For start-ups, we broadly consider the following components: Strategy, Processes and Funding. We can support you on each of these, to bring the business to life. Some examples include:

  • Establishing your accounting and bookkeeping systems
  • Working out the optimum company structure
  • Registering company names, trading names, domain names
  • Forecasting start-up costs, such as initial fit-outs
  • Identifying funding requirements and costs

Established Businesses

Once the start-up challenges have been overcome, and the company is tracking healthily with sustainable growth, the business needs will change. Systems, structures and processes will be adjusted to cope with the increased size and complexity of the business. For some companies, they may embark on significant expansion strategies requiring additional investment. We typically help companies in this stage with:

  • Financial management and reporting
  • Tax compliance and audit
  • Obligations as an employer
  • Business financing
  • Improved efficiency in business processes
  • Specific strategies such as franchising or acquisitions

Maturity and Exit

There may come a time when business owners want to change their involvement or ownership of the business. For mature businesses we often advise on:

  • Exit strategies
  • Business valuations
  • Succession planning

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