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An Ethical Business Perspective on the Royal Commission Findings

Written by Stephen Ryan, Managing Director - Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants

The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry has now concluded with the final report tabled earlier this week. I would like to share our perspective from the Edney Ryan Group, particularly on the most recent recommendations regarding the mortgage broking industry and reiterate our stance on ethical business conduct. We introduced Edney Ryan Mortgage... Read more

Ensure Your Say in Your Estate with a Valid Will

Written by Andrew O'Donnell, Director - Edney Ryan Legal

What do Amy Winehouse, Abraham Lincoln, Barry White, and Bob Marley have in common? They all died intestate; meaning they died without leaving a valid Will.   A Will is a legal document that sets out how you want your assets to be distributed when you die. It allows you to make your own choices about your estate and gives... Read more

Family Provisions: Who Can Make a Claim on an Estate?

Written by Andrew O'Donnell, Director - Edney Ryan Legal

By Andrew O’Donnell, Director – Edney Ryan Legal In the era of longer life expectancy, marriage, divorce, de-facto relationships and blended families, it is important to be aware of the law around family provisions from estates, both for Willmakers and potential applicants. A Family Provision claim is a legal application by an eligible person for a share (or larger share) of... Read more

Protecting Your Business from Cybercrime

Written by Andrew O'Donnell, Director - Edney Ryan Legal

Cybercrime impacts the lives of many Australians and is expected to increase as our reliance on technology grows. Common types of cybercrime include hacking, online scams, fraud, identity theft and attacks on computer systems. In recent months we have been made aware of several instances where clients have been targeted by cybercriminals. Here we share these examples as a warning... Read more

Edney Ryan Group is proud to be a Bronze Sponsor of the Balmoral Swim for Cancer, a family-friendly open water, charity event raising funds for the Children’s Cancer Institute. It is a unique event as it is one of the few swims held within the safety and beauty of Sydney Harbour. A great event for all comers. The swim is... Read more

Informal Wills: A Risky Way to Express Your Testamentary Wishes

Written by Andrew O'Donnell - Director, Edney Ryan Legal

A legally binding Will must be written on paper and signed by the testator in the presence of two witnesses. These requirements are designed to prevent fraud, undue influence, substitution or mistake, given that the person who creates the document is not available to be questioned when the Will is being executed. However, there are some exceptions, and Courts can... Read more

Each year we compile current tax rates and key superannuation data in our handy quick reference guide. You can request a hard copy by phoning (02) 9908 9888, email marketing@edneyryan.com.au or view the booklet online here.

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Foreign Residents – CGT Withholding Tax Changes

Written by Angela Boyd - Senior Associate, Edney Ryan Legal

This existing withholding tax assists the collection of foreign residents’ Australian tax liabilities. Where a foreign resident sells certain taxable Australian property, the purchaser is required to withhold an amount from the purchase price and pay that amount to the ATO (see our previous article on this topic). Australian residents selling real property will need to obtain a clearance certificate from... Read more

Foreign Investors – Duty Increases

Written by Angela Boyd - Senior Associate, Edney Ryan Legal

NSW Home Affordability Measures The NSW Government has announced a number of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW from 1 July 2017. Some of changes in the housing affordability package will affect foreign residents purchasing residential property in NSW. Stamp Duty Surcharge Increases: Foreign residents already pay a 4% surcharge on stamp duty. This will double to 8%.... Read more