Share Market

Investors Beware: Margin Loans Back In Fashion

Written by Stephen Ryan, Director - Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants

In recent weeks the media has been informing us that margin lending has jumped for the first time in three years, with investors trying to benefit from the latest sharemarket rally. Banks are reporting twice as much interest in new margin loans compared to last year. In the margin lending business, financiers take on baskets of stocks as collateral against... Read more

Edney Ryan Wealth Management launches share brokerage

Written by David Heyworth, Director - Edney Ryan Wealth Management

In response to our clients’ needs, Edney Ryan Wealth Management is pleased to announce that we are now able to off share brokerage facilities. We can now  buy and sell shares on behalf of our clients. We provide this service at substantially reduced brokerage rates, to save you money. Our Research and Advice We have access to independent research from... Read more

Starting a Share Portfolio

Written by Brendon Vade, Financial Planner - Edney Ryan Wealth Management

The most common thing we get asked about by people in their 20′s is the share market. With so many students doing business subjects all through high school and university, it is amazing that so few are taught the basics of how to start their own share portfolio. Unless you have an experienced friend, relative or a trusted family adviser... Read more

Is Cash Investment Safer?

Written by David Heyworth, Director - Edney Ryan Wealth Management

With stock market volatility, investors inevitably ask…“Should I have invested in cash instead?” While we can never predict the future, we can look back at the returns of various types of investments over the last decade to answer this question. In this scenario we compare the performance of 4 asset classes if $10,000 was invested in June 2000 and the... Read more