Brendon Vade discusses the important of a pre-retirement planThe final step to retirement is one of the most anticipated life events. For many people though, there is some apprehension, particularly when it comes to money.

To ease your concerns about post-retirement finances we urge you to talk to your financial planner at least 5 years before you expect to retire. With their help you can assess your current situation,  identify your goals and work out how to achieve them.

Questions to ask your financial planner:

  • How much money am I likely to have at retirement?
  • Will it be enough?
  • What kind of post-retirement lifestyle will I afford?
  • Will my money last the next 20+ years of retirement?
  • Am I in the right super fund?
  • Would an SMSF be better?
  • What should my investment strategy be?
  • How can I get more transparency on my investments?
  • If I want to keep working part-time will that affect
  • my plans?
  • What kind of investment return can I expect from
  • my portfolio?
  • How safe are my investments?
  • What if there is another GFC?

At Edney Ryan Wealth Management, just like an accountant we are a fee-for-service business. This means we do not make money from commissions on your investments. We use our knowledge and
training as Certified Financial Planners® to advise you on investments and superannuation strategies and regulations.

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