NSW Home Affordability Measures

The NSW Government has announced a number of measures designed to improve housing affordability across NSW from 1 July 2017. Some of changes in the housing affordability package will affect foreign residents purchasing residential property in NSW.

  • Stamp Duty Surcharge Increases: Foreign residents already pay a 4% surcharge on stamp duty. This will double to 8%. On an $800,000 property purchase, a foreign investor will be paying $95,490 in stamp duty and surcharge compared to $31,490 in stamp duty for an Australian resident.
  • Land Tax Surcharge Increases: Foreign residents already pay 0.75% surcharge on land tax, which will increase to 2%.
  • Who is Considered a Foreign Person? For the purposes of stamp duty and land tax, you are considered a foreign person if you have resided in Australia for less than 200 days in the 12 month preceding period. Foreign developers will be exempt from these increased surcharges.


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