Managing Wealth Transfer – Death and Taxes

Written by Carolyn Griffin, Director - Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants

Recently reading a copy of Jane Eyre, when she was asked where the wicked go after death, Jane replied ‘They go to hell’. When asked what should be done to avoid hell, Jane answered ‘I must keep in good health, and not die.’ But of course the grim reaper comes to us all eventually and when he does, that other... Read more

From 1st July 2012 the private health insurance rebate will be income tested, and there are changes to the Medicare levy. Full details can be viewed at the Department of Health and Ageing site. The changes will operate as follows from 1 July 2012: Unchanged Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3 Singles Families ≤ $84,000 ≤ $168,000 $84,001-97,000 $168,001-194,000 $97,001-130,000... Read more

Federal Budget 2012 Snapshot

Written by Stephen Ryan, Director - Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants

The federal budget has been handed down and the promise of a return to surplus delivered. Here in this issue of On Balance, we highlight some budget changes that are likely to be of particular interest to many of our clients. Spending Cuts Significantly major cuts have been made to defence spending, overseas aid and the 1% reduction of the... Read more

Property Investors Too Often Missing Out on Cash Flow Gains

Written by Stephen Ryan, Director - Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants

We’ve recently had several property investors come to us with an assumption that their investment properties constructed prior to 1984 will not allow any significant depreciation for the cost of construction. This is not entirely correct and we fear there are too many investment property owners failing to obtain all the benefits of the allowable deductions for their property. Consider... Read more