Wills for Blended Families

Written by Andrew O'Donnell, Director - Edney Ryan Legal

One area of estate planning that is becoming more and more common is the making or updating of Wills by couples who have been married previously, so called “blended families”. Blended families are amongst the fastest growing family type in Australia, increasing by 50% over the past decade. Unfortunately it is not always as sweet as the “The Brady Bunch”.... Read more

Making A Family Business Stronger

Written by David Shehade, Director - Edney Ryan Chartered Accountants

To some people the term “family business” will awaken connotations of poorly managed, nepotistic organisations that lack the corporate professionalism of public companies held accountable to shareholders. In our experience this is an incorrect stereotype of the entities which account for 70% of the total number in Australia with an estimated $4.3 trillion of wealth. Family businesses drive the Australian... Read more

Is Cash Investment Safer?

Written by David Heyworth, Director - Edney Ryan Wealth Management

With stock market volatility, investors inevitably ask…“Should I have invested in cash instead?” While we can never predict the future, we can look back at the returns of various types of investments over the last decade to answer this question. In this scenario we compare the performance of 4 asset classes if $10,000 was invested in June 2000 and the... Read more